Other Sabine JP precinct looking to go wet

SABINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - It's round two in the wet/dry elections of Sabine County.

Last November residents in Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 passed a proposition that would allow the sale of beer and wine for off premises consumption.

Now residents in Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 are looking to pass a proposition including all alcohol including that classified as hard liquor.

This new rule would affect the areas of Bronson, Six Mile, Redvine and Pineland. Pineland already allows for the sale of beer and wine.

Residents in JP2 would be allowed to buy alcohol from businesses six days a week with the exception being on Sunday. This new rule would not allow for restaurants to sale.

To the business owners, it's all about one thing, tax revenue.

"It's to bring money to our county and keep our businesses open. It keeps our money in our county instead of everyone going over to Louisiana," said C,L & M Store Owner, Betty Jones.

Jones has the same feelings that Clay Mathis, owner of Big Daddy's Convenience Store, did when I interviewed him last November.

"I think the tax dollars would help our county more than Louisiana because we need to keep our tax dollars home," said Mathis.

When The East Texas News last visited Big Daddy's Convenience Store, the coolers were stalked with only water and soda, but now they have alcohol and the business is booming.

"Our revenues in our store have increased somewhere around $30,000 a month That's due to alcohol, but we don't sale just alcohol. People buy other products when they get their alcohol," said Mathis.

Big Daddy's is going so well, soon there will be a Big Momma's Restaurant, all thanks to that new revenue.

No matter which side residents take, Jones says it will be okay, and holds nothing against those with a moral argument against the proposition.

Jones lives in Precinct 1 but knows other businesses could suffer if no one voices their opinion.

"We won't have a change if no one votes," said Jones.

Residents can vote early at the Historical Building in Downtown Hemphill, next to the Sheriff's office until May 7. Election Day is May 11.

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