Thumbs is a PAWsome polydactyl kitten

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Wave hello to Thumbs, she'll wave back and show off her unusual paw.

She's a 5-month-old gray tabby cat with a spunky personality, ready to play and be spoiled.

Humane Society of Angelina County Director, Paula Divello said, "She was found as a stray. We've had her tested for everything. She's totally healthy. A family fostered her just to get her through and make sure she was okay and hopefully we can find a new home for her."

Thumbs is not your average kitty cat. She's special. She's a polydactyl which means she's got six extra toes, three on each front paw, to run around and play with.

Divello says polydactyl cats are actually pretty common.

"It's a natural occurrence," said Divello. "It usually doesn't affect them in any way. They just have thumbs. She actually can grasp things with them. She's very dexterous. She can jump around. She can get around real great."

Thumbs really hopes to get into home with extra love for each of her extra toes. She gets along okay with other cats and dogs but it's not her favorite thing.

"Thumbs talks a lot, jumps around a lot, just really really loves to play, she likes to gnaw on things so we'll send some toys home with her new family," said Divello.

To find out how you can adopt our furry friend Thumbs, call the Humane Society of Angelina County at 936-639-1880

Thumbs is not the biggest fan of the shelter environment and hopes to find a home as soon as possible.      

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