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Why the cold? Well you see...


If weather had a mind, you could say that it has lost it. Just when we get used to the eighties (I love the eighties), it's the forties all over again.

Why do we keep getting blasts from the past?

Fickle is putting it mildly. Lately the weather changes more than new furniture placement in your living room, and nearly as fast. Let's move the cold over here..no, we need the heat there instead. You get the picture.


"We're seeing such wacky weather this early may because the position of the jet stream," said Meteorologist Grant Dade.

Grant Dade blames it on that river of wind 30,000 feet up. He says earlier in the year it was stuck up north freezing out our neighbors, but now it's visiting down south, spreading out the chill.

"That's allowing some unusually cold air this time of year to sink down the front range of the Rockies and move right into East Texas. During the winter time we call these blue northers because that cold air moves all the way down to the south. Thankfully we didn't get any of these in the winter time or we'd be talking about lows in the single digits, rather than lows in the thirties," Grant explained.

It's time to play the five-year-old and ask what causes the jet stream.

"It's basically caused by pressure differences in the atmosphere. The stronger the difference you have between low and high pressure, the stronger the winds will be," Grant went on.

He says lows and highs don't really like each other, so there's friction between them kind of like a husband and wife and furniture placement indecision.

So, since the air on earth is not the same density everywhere, those lows and highs generate wind all over the place including where jets fly, and these strong streams move around, and when they do they can move around colder air down here where we are.

But will these temperatures break records?

"If the winds die down enough and the skies stay clear Friday night and Saturday, we could do it," Grant revealed.

And, Grant says, at least for a while, the furniture will pretty much stay put.


Like Mark and Grant said, there will be snow in areas that have never seen May snow, but not here in East Texas. But we will bottom out in the high thirties.

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