Central presenting donation to West softball team before playoff game

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Friday night the Central High School softball team will face competitors from West and vie for the area championship title.

"Yes they want to win but also they do have heart," said Sandy Flowers, Assistant Principal.

The Lady Dogs are undefeated in district and coaches say they've worked all year to get to this point but the girls wanted to use the game to do something positive for the West community.

"It affected me and my family too we all felt sorry because we wouldn't want to be in the same position , losing our homes right before you get into a big playoff spot," said Katelyn Boles, Sophomore.

The girls made goody bags for the West team and raised more than $1,000 to help with reconstruction efforts.

"Students paid a dollar to wear a hat every day we had a pep rally and had a pie in the face contest our teachers also paid to wear jeans for the week," said Flowers.

School officials say even though the team hopes to win tonight's game they also hope to bring comfort to a town in need.

"Our kids have that heart to give back to other communities," said Flowers.

Sophomore Katelyn Boles says good sportsmanship is encouraged all year long and now the team has the perfect opportunity to put it into practice.

"If I was in the same position I would want somebody to help me too, knowing a team would care even though you're playing them that would make me feel really good," said Boles.

Because they believe no matter what the outcome is they're still a team and in the end everyone's a winner.

"Be positive, stay strong and always encourage others no matter what," said Boles.

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