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The blue is back!


If you like blue, you're in luck because three guys who are nothing but blue are hitting the stage in Tyler.

They're not blues musicians, they're blue musicians. Yes, Blue Man Group is here for three performances Friday and Saturday.

But they are also performing in New York the same nights. We tracked down a member of the group to find out what these guys are up to.

Meet Shane Andries. He has a not-so-secret identity, and as it turns out, is one of many. He is a member of the Group they call Blue Man, and if you've seen them, it's pretty obvious why they are called that.

There are not just three of them. On tour there are four so they can rotate days off, but worldwide there are over sixty Blue Men.

Several members are from Texas, including Andries. Five years ago, he went to Los Angeles to act and heard about Blue Man Group.

"I called my agent and she got me an audition in L.A., and a couple weeks later I'm flying to New York for the call-back, and after the call-back I got invited to training. I spent a couple months training into the show. I did the show in New York for a while, and Orlando, and now I'm out on tour," Andries said.

Andries wasn't wearing the make-up, but oddly, blue light was hitting him from somewhere, so you can get the general idea. He went through some quirky training.

"When you join the show you have to learn to throw and catch things in your mouth, learn to play the PVCs, you know, really push the boundaries as far as physical comedy," Andries revealed.

The blue men aren't other-world aliens, they're just otherly. They don't talk, so Andrieshad to learn to communicate with his eyes.

"The blue man is this kind of innocent, and he's this curious being, but he's kind of a hero at the same time," Andries explained.

Throw in some great percussive music and blue grease paint, and it's hard not to enjoy the show.

I suggested a solution to time spent doing make-up.

"Where's the tattoo parlor? Let's do it," Andries laughed.

For a blue guy, he sure is happy.

The Blue Man Group will be performing on Friday at 8:30 p.m. and Saturday and 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Tickets are still available at the UT Cowan Center, or you can get them here:

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