Trinity Police Department hosts second annual march against drugs

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The people of Trinity have found their voices and are using them to fight off evil in their community.

"Some of the citizens feel like they don't have a voice and drugs and crime affect us all," said Steve Jones, the chief of the Trinity Police Department.

The Trinity Police Department had their second annual march against crime and drugs Friday afternoon and was joined by nearly 300 people.

One of those people was Kaye Henry who had a home invasion last November.

"It was pretty scary. They tried to shut my alarm off and they kicked in one door and broke windows in the front of my house," said Henry.

She says the march is a way for people to see that the police are also angry about the crime in the area.

"I think it gets them out in the community and let's people realize that they are not the bad guys. They are trying to do good things for the community," said Henry.

Students like Emily Ortiz, who is a member of the Trinity Middle School Media Club, also showed their support.

"We thought it was a great idea for the community to do this so we decided that we should film it," said Ortiz.

Most of the Trinity area schools let students out early on Friday so they could participate in the march. Gillian Campbell, the principal at Lansberry Elementary School, says she let students out an hour early.

"It's important for us to all come together and support our community in this fight against drugs. It is a good lesson for them to get involved in their community as well as to get to know their local police officers and know that they are there to help us all," said Campbell.

The three-mile march started at the Trinity Community Center and circled around areas where crime has increased.

"We're going to go right down into some of the areas where just today I arrested a guy that bought a crack rock," said Jones.

Jones said that he saw some improvement with local drug addicts from last year's march, and hopes this year's march influences some people.

"I actually saw some people that had a drug problem and those people now have seemed to really be cleaning their lives up and I'm pretty proud of those people," said Jones.

Lyle Stubbs, the Mayor of Trinity even made an appearance at the march.

"It's great. This is the second year. We had a good turnout last year and it looks like we are going to have a better one this year," said Stubbs.

But Jones says the march isn't about recognition; it's about getting rid of crime.

"This is something for people in our community to come together and get out and march and say 'hey! We don't want you. We don't want you in our community. We don't want you around us. If you're going to do that stuff go somewhere else,"' said Jones.

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