American Idol finalist returns to Woodville

WOODVILLE, TX (KTRE) - Saturday morning Woodville residents filled the streets to welcome home their favorite American Idol contestant.

American Idol Finalist Kree Harrison returned to her hometown to celebrate her place in the competition with old friends and new fans.

"I always hoped. I've have this dream for a long time so getting to live it is pretty insane," said Harrison.

Woodville Mayor Ben Bythewood presented the idol star with letter from Governor Rick Perry and State Representative James White.

Bythewood says Harrison is having a major impact on the community and the world with her talents.

"She's just one of those people instantly when you talk to her you feel like you've known her your whole life. She embodies a lot of the qualities that we want to instill in our children," said Bythewood.

Harrison said that her favorite Idol moment wasn't on the stage but helping with music therapy at the children's hospital.

"Obviously singing and meeting Smokey Robinson and Harry Connick Jr. all that is amazing but at the end of the day giving back gives me so much more," said Harrison.

Harrison says she wrote her first song at 14 and she never expected to one day be any one's inspiration.

Eight-year -old Courtney Babin says she's followed Kree since the beginning and worked hard on a special necklace to give to the singer.

"It didn't take that long but she likes it," said Babin.

Harrison says she's honored to be in the Top 3 with Candace and Angie but hopes the best is yet to come.

"Its more, its more than what I thought it would be," said Harrison.

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