Top Shot winner shares his experience from NRA Convention

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - Thousands of gun rights activist were in Houston over the weekend for the annual Nation Riffle Association's annual convention.

"It was just a great crowd where you were among a lot of great Americans and patriots with the appreciation of the liberty and freedom and the values this country was founded on," said Top Shot winner Dustin Ellerman, who was in attendance.

It was Ellerman's first time at the convention, and he walked away very impressed.

"The NRA show had a great turnout. The official numbers aren't out yet, but it was at least 70 thousand people, so it was quite the crowd," said Ellerman.

Ellerman said the main reason he went was to see the many guns on display and to meet others who share his views, but admitted the keynote address was pretty cool.

"I did attend the stand up and fight rally and Glenn Beck spoke and it was a good time," said Ellerman.

Ellerman was not disappointed by the presentation inside the convention center but the same could not be said for what he saw outside.

"If you weren't looking hard for the protestors, you couldn't find them. You had to look for a news crew and then you saw a few policemen and then you say there they are. It's those two or three people holding signs. I was quite disappointed," said Ellerman.

This was his first national convention but hopes it wasn't his last.

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