Nacogdoches law maker wants to limit sex offenders

Justin Bloxom
Justin Bloxom
Travis Clardy, State Rep. for House District 11
Travis Clardy, State Rep. for House District 11

The Texas House of Representatives passed a house bill Tuesday to place employment restrictions on sex offenders. The bill was authored by representative Travis Clardy of East Texas.

Clardy will protect our children by ensuring to keep sex offenders away from our most vulnerable through House Bill 1302.

"Regardless if you're in a town or city, in a country, urban or rural, our children are the most important resource," Clardy said. "That's the thing we cherish the most. We want all children to be safe, and happy, and taken care of."

The bill is also known as Justin's Law, honoring the memory of a 12-year-old Justin Bloxom of Louisiana who was killed three years ago by a twice convicted sex offender.

If passed through senate, Justin's Law will prohibit sex offenders from holding jobs such as operators of amusement park rides, buses, taxi cabs, or any work that would not require supervision in someone's home.

Rodney Thompson, Director of community supervisions and corrections department for Angelina County, is hopeful the bill will soon become a law in Texas.

"This really says you know what if you're working or you're going to be anywhere where there's a child, you're not going to be able to work there," Thompson said. "We're going to be able to monitor that and it'll make us more affective as adult probation in the state."

Thompson feels the bill will help law enforcement better protect our community.

"Every community has sex offenders but not all of them are the violent sex offenders. There are those we call dangerous, high risk sex offenders that we need these kind of laws to help us do what we need to do to protect the community," Thompson said.

Protecting our community is what Justin's Law is all about. The sex offender bill now heads to the senate floor for final vote of approval.

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