Machete man gets judgment, baby abandoned and a tale of survival

At first, he said he was the anti-Christ. Then, he claimed he was only doing as he was told. Those were his reasons for breaking into homes and attacking families with a machete. But a psychiatrist determined he wasn't mentally ill and a jury determined he was guilty and going to prison for 75 years. But Nijinski Murphy didn't go down without a fight. Michelle Reed brings you all the startling happenings in court tonight at 10.

A Nacogdoches couple is in jail tonight after authorities say they left their sick one-month-old baby with an acquaintance, claiming they "could not handle him." At 6, Donna McCollum reviews the case and explains how law enforcement gained enough evidence to arrest the couple.

We continue our new series, "Survivors" tonight on a woman who started drinking at the age 9. Over the years, she found herself in many life or death situations but has since decided to live free and help others end their battle with addictions. Maegan Prejean has that story at 10.

Deep East Texas is full of history. And with this week being National Tourism Week, there are plenty of places for tourists to visit, including many historical sites in Nacogdoches. At 6, Caleb Beames shows you a fun activity for all ages going on all week in the oldest town in Texas.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor