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Need a prom dress?


With prom season in full swing, some students may be stressing out about how they are going to afford a dress for their big day.

East Texas high school teacher Brynlea Cunniff is working to solve that problem. She has asked people to donate prom dresses so students can have the opportunity to attend the dance looking stylish, and it is all anonymous.

"No one sees the dresses except for the girls. And they simply look, they browse; It's like a shopping experience. They choose the one that works for them.They fill out a just like a promise that they will bring it back in good condition," Cunniff explained.

Cunniff has also worked with local businesses and make up artists who have volunteered their services for the special day.

"Everything is covered. This community has been wonderful," Cunniff said.

If you would like to donate a prom dress for "Project Prom", you can do so by dropping one off at Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler. Just take it to the front office along with a note saying "Attn: Project Prom".

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