Volunteers put finishing touches on Nacogdoches home

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Homeowner Arturo Merino spent Saturday morning putting thefinishing touches on the outside of his future home.

And with a little from a group of women the home is one stepcloser to completion.

"We are very exciting to get the project completed and wereare here to help and we hope its gets done by the summer," said Merino.

Female volunteers spent the day painting and insulating thethree bedroom home after a week of training.

During Women Build Week, volunteers learned specific skillsand are encouraged to participate in the building process.

"It helps us to raise awareness for what we do and theministry that we do but it also just give us a great opportunity to get somewomen together and do some good in the world," said Mickey Lynn, ExecutiveDirector, Habitat for Humanity, Nacogdoches.

Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Mickey Lynn sayseveryone supports each other and they all have a great time learning a skillthat will ultimately benefit the community.

"You're helping neighbors, this is not someone far away thatyou' never see again, these are folks you can invest in," said Lynn.

Merino, his wife and two sons will move in the home onceit's finished and volunteer says that's best, seeing a family get a fresh startin new home.

"A finished house represents a new home for a family that isin need and it really humbling to know that we've done that," said CourtneyFrost, Dream Builders SFA.

Officials say that the skills women learn they can use tocontinue volunteering with habitat and even take on projects at home that wouldhave never tried before.

"If they learn nothing else, they learn that they can," saidLynn.

Habitat for Humanity began construction on the home inJanuary and hope to have it complete by this summer.

Volunteers work every Saturday on the house from 8:00 a.m.until 3:00 p.m.

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