Sailor surprises fiancé at Central High School Prom

CENTRAL, TX (KTRE) - It was a night Central High School Senior, Savannah Anthony, will remember for a lifetime.

Savannah got quite a surprise at her high school prom held in the Stephen F. Austin Grand Ballroom Saturday evening.

Savannah's friends ushered her towards the elevator and when the doors opened her fiancé, U.S. Navy Sailor, Connor Burleson, stepped out and surprised her.

Burleson has been deployed to Balston Spa, New York with the Navy since December 2011. The couple has seen each other a few times since then but Burleson's mother, Barbara Burleson, says the last visit was this past January.

Barbara said her son and Savannah's mom, Sheila Anthony, worked with Central High School staff to pull off the surprise.

According to Barbara, Savannah and Connor met four years ago on a Wednesday night at Clawson Assembly of God. Both were fresh out of bad relationships and weren't looking for another one.

"Little did they know God has other plans for them," said Barbara. "About 9 months later, the attraction became clear to both of them."

Connor left to start his career in the Navy. He is currently attending Nuclear Mechanic School and will graduate in November.

During Connor's January 2013 visit he proposed to Savannah and she said YES!

Savannah was under the impression that she wouldn't see her fiancé again until he graduated this November, but Connor had other plans. A plan to surprise Savannah at her senior prom.

Barbara said Savannah was reluctant to attend prom but her family and friends encouraged her to go.

"It worked perfectly as Savannah had no idea that Connor would walk off the elevator at the SFA ballroom," said Barbara. "As the video shows, everyone kept the secret and Savannah got a beautiful surprise."

And it wasn't the only surprise Savannah received Saturday night, she was also crowned Central High School Prom Queen.

"Connor said not only do I get to marry a beautiful girl, inside and out, I also get to marry a QUEEN," said Barbara.

The couple will get to spend 10 days together before Connor returns to New York. The wedding is planned for November 30, 2013.

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