Lufkin Zumba instructor hopes to change lives with his new dance studio

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One Lufkin man's passion for health has inspired a community to hit the dance floor.

Rudy Flores is a local favorite for Zumba and is now opening his very own dance studio. With every beat, Zumba instructor Flores is changing the lives of his dancers.

"His energy is amazing and he keeps people coming back," Jennifer Vansau, a dancer said.

For two years, Flores has been an instructor in Lufkin. His journey started when his passion for dance prompted him to try Zumba, and immediately, he was hooked.

"It became a second home for me, and then soon enough, I had lost 30 pounds," Flores said.

Monday, Flores and three other local dancers will open the Changing Lives Dance Center, a place where adults can come and express their passion for dance. The new studio isn't limited to one style of dance and will offer Zumba, ballet, hip-hop, and contemporary dance classes.

"There is freedom in dance and it's about time adults have a place to call their own," Flores said.

Since starting Zumba, Flores has lost a total of 95 pounds.

Vansau has been dancing with Flores for almost a year and says the results are definitely worth the sweat.

"I started, I had a baby four months prior, and I've lost almost 50 pounds since," Vansau said.

Theresa Norman said before starting Zumba she had no dance experience, but is now an instructor.

"I just couldn't find a class I liked as well as Rudy's, so it inspired me to get certified," Norman said.

Flores says he started with a class of 10. Today, about 80 people come to Zumba classes, and he hopes the dance center will be a place for people to try something new.

"It's just that time for adults to take the time for themselves and take a ballet class and know that it's possible," Flores said.

They could very well change their lives in the process.

The Changing Lives Dance Center will open Monday with Zumba classes in the morning and afternoon and hip-hop at night.

For more information on the dance center visit thier Facebook page:

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