Kree's quest coming to an end

All eyes are on Woodville native Kree Harrison tonight and tomorrow night as she continues her quest to become the next American Idol. Michelle Reed will be in Woodville tonight and will have reaction from her biggest fans tonight at 10.

We've noticed more and more reality TV stars are coming out of East Texas the past couple years. Caleb Beames investigates why at 5 by asking past reality stars like Top Shot Dustin Ellermann, Steve "Chief" Jones and Catfishing champion Ronald Murdock.

Nacogdoches Police have finally reached the next step in a death investigation and have arrested a man accused of beating his girlfriend to death and hiding her in a closet. Donna McCollum explains how police reached this point in her report at 6.

The search for a missing man ended tragically Wednesday when his SUV was found upside down in a creek. Caleb Beames has the report at 6.

Angelina Jolie has brought the issue of preventive surgery to the forefront. But she's not alone. At 6, Leigha Hughes gets an inspiring story of a Lufkin woman who made the choice to have the same surgery after her younger sister died from breast cancer.

Last October, Lufkin City Manager Paul Parker was told he only had one year to live. But he chose to carry on and he got a second chance at life. It's our latest installment of "Survivors" and it's tonight at 10.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor