Selman sisters on Hudson softball team

Winning the class 3A softball state title last year is something the Hudson Softball team will never forget. for Kelsee and Madison Selman, it's a memory they will always share not just as teammates, but sisters.

Going to battle every week with your teammates is a special feeling, but throw family in the mix, and it adds a whole different perspective. Madison Selman said, "Its a great experience because you get to make all these great memories together before she leaves to go to college, and its just fun" Kelsee added, I just know that someone is always there, like I can go home and talk to her about something that I couldn't with the other girls, and just knowing someone from my family is there is even better."

Being a successful program and winning makes it a lot of fun, but we know sisters can be sisters. Teammate Ashley Davis said, "Its good most the time, but you will always hear that little sister bicker, and they may not tell you. But yeah it happens."

Kelsee, a senior standout pitcher for the Lady Hornets, gets most of the attention. She is the teams leader and has the second most strikeouts in the entire country.. Madison, a junior left fielder, is fine with yielding the spotlight and admires her older sister.

"I look up to her a lot, she is my role model for sure. I wish I could be more like her in every way."

As for how Kelsee views her younger sibling, well she's someone who has her back. "It was this playoffs, this year, she made a diving catch on a ball that a girl hit and if it would have fell they would have won so she has done a lot of things that help me in the long run."

Hudson is still alive in this years post-season, and has a chance for back to back state titles. Soon though, whether that happens or not, Kelsee is headed to LSU to continue her softball career. For the firs time in four years, she wont have Madison in the dug-out."Its going to be different, but I know ill be able to call her anytime or text her. She always sends me bible versus in the morning. I know she will always keep doing that