Will America choose Kree?

The city of Woodville is waiting in anticipation to see if the rest of America will choose as they have and select Kree Harrison as the next American Idol. We'll be LIVE from Woodville tonight at 5, 6 and 10 to preview the party and to get reaction as, I can't deny, hopefully America crowns Kree the next American Idol!

The Aspen Power Plant has gone through a whirlwind few years. Permits, stallings, etc. Now it's a week away from possibly being handed off to new management. Maegan Prejean has the report at 6.

At 6, Leigha Hughes introduces you to Sammi, a Australian Shepherd/lab mix who went for a swim and never went home. Leigha will tell you how you can make Sammi your own in her weekly segment, BFF: Best Furry Friends.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor