Legislature approves Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital bill

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tuesday, Legislatureapproved a bill to allow Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital to directly hirephysicians.

In 2011 hospitals incertain rural counties the ability to employ doctor and the Nacogdoches Hospitalbill grants the same rights to Nacogdoches.

Officials say the bill will increase accessthe care and help the hospital retain qualified specialties.

"When we do need torecruit physicians and bring them to town and who we bring to town and whatspecifically, really depends on the needs of the community. About what servicesare needed to be provided and the volume of those services that are beingrequested," said Jane Ann Bridges, CEO/CFO.

Senator Robert Nicholssays the bill gives Nacogdoches Memorial the same right as many other hospitalsin the state.

The bill now heads to Governor Rick Perry forhis signature.

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