Filmmaker working on documentary on Coach Outlaw


LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An Atlanta filmmaker is hoping to show the world what Panther Nation experienced for several years though a documentary about the late Panther football coach, John Outlaw.

"This film is for all the children that will never have the chance to be coached by John Outlaw," Matt Skinner states on a website dedicated to the film.

A trailer on indicates the film will have a "Friday Night Lights" feel and shows what the Lufkin Panthers experienced with Outlaw in charge, then the team reacting to his death and coming back for another playoff season under their new head coach, Todd Quick.

Skinner said the documentary should be released by the end of 2014.

The name John Outlaw will always mean a great deal insideLufkin city limits.

Coach Outlaw died in December of 2011 leaving behind alegacy of great leadership on and off the football field.

"He knew children allby their name. He never forgot any kid that ever played for him, he was a trulyselfless individual," said Matt Skinner, Director.

Now Outlaws is being memorialized by those who knew him bestin a documentary entitled Outlaw.

Film maker Matt Skinner befriended the coach in 2008 whileshooting a documentary focused on the team.

"I have him in thelocker room, I have him on the side line, I have him goofing around with coaches,"said Skinner.

Skinner's says Outlaw's dynamic form of leadership made himan icon and his strong values made him a father figure to all who knew him.

"He empowered thosearound him he inspired people, he's selfless," said Skinner.

The film will feature games and moments from the 2008 seasonalong with footage from 2012, the first season without Coach Outlaw.

Lufkin Athletic Director Todd Quick worked with Outlaw for26 seasons and he says the principles he instilled in his team will carry onthrough generations.

"It's going to benefitour kids, it's going to benefit and let everybody see what kind of man hereally was," said Quick.

And offer hope, to any one any need of love and leadership.

"Its just a part of teaching them and allowing themto grow up and mature, we're in the business of producing good people," saidQuick.

Skinner says he is in the early stages ofediting the film and it should be finished by the end of 2014.

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