Huntington high-schooler ensures boy with cerebral palsy has great field day

Source: Morgan Smith and Allie Lovejoy.
Source: Morgan Smith and Allie Lovejoy.
Source: Morgan Smith and Allie Lovejoy.
Source: Morgan Smith and Allie Lovejoy.
Source: Morgan Smith and Allie Lovejoy.
Source: Morgan Smith and Allie Lovejoy.

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - A Huntington Intermediate student who was born with cerebral palsy enjoyed a day full of field events this morning at Huntington High School. He eagerly ran the track during a mile relay event and what happened next was a spontaneous gesture that will never be forgotten.

"I put him on my back and I ran him down the track, then we got to another turn and he said I want to run some," said junior Aaron Loggins.

Huntington High School students are members of the Texas Association of Future Educators who each did their part to make sure fourth-grader Kyle Putnam could enjoy his field day to the fullest.

"He really couldn't walk all that much and he had braces on his legs and he wanted to do everything that all the other kids were doing," Loggins said.

Putnam was born with cerebral palsy and although he may not have the physical capabilities the rest of his classmates have, he didn't let that stop him during Friday morning's field events.

While participating in the mile relay, Putnam fell down.

Loggins, who has never met the fourth-grader, ran over and put him on his back to finish out the race.

"It was like a good deed, I guess," Loggins said. "It was really nothing. It was just the right thing to do."

Melissa Jackson attended Friday's field day to cheer on her fifth grade son.

Little did she know she'd be cheering on another student's selfless act.

She knew she had to share the act of kindness with others.

"I felt like we don't see a lot of that in society anymore because the kids are, they don't care about people as much as they used to and when I saw it I was proud to see a young man that was so compassionate towards others that we would do something like that," Jackson said.

Putnam's classmates were also right there by his side, making sure he was able to compete in each field event.

"It was great to see the happiness on his face when he crossed the finish line to know that he didn't have to be left out today," Jackson said.

Even though Loggins didn't have to help the fourth-grader across the finish line, his heartfelt act of kindness helped the student accomplish his goal of being able to participate with his classmates.

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