Trial starts for Nacogdoches man accused of robbing barber

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The trial of Timothy Blanton began Monday morning with the questioning of Chester Pleasant. Blanton is accused of robbing Pleasant at his Nacogdoches Barber shop back in July.  During the robbery it is believed that Blanton first assaulted Pleasant with a Taser and then stabbed him in the hand and cut his neck.

Prosecutor Carrie Gilcrease asked Pleasant if Blanton ever had any permission to grab his possession.

"No he did not," said Pleasant.

"Why did he have them,"  Gilcrease asked. "Because he robbed me," said Pleasant.

Defense Attorney Gene Caldwell had Pleasant walk him through what happened. Pleasant said that Blanton came into his shop and said that he needed to rest after he had been running. Pleasant believes that he was sitting in his shop for almost two and a half hours while three customers were taken care of.

Pleasant said he told Blanton he was locking up for lunch and while he was in his office, he saw Blanton running toward him. Pleasant accused Blanton of having his Taser after he stole it out of his workstation.

"He applied it to my neck. It just burned. It stung. It scared me," said Pleasant. "We scuffled. He got me down on the floor and tased me again. I guess the Taser didn't have enough voltage so he stood me up on my desk and grabbed the straight razor."

Pleasant said he then demanded money and after he gave Blanton all the money he had, he was cut with the razor.

Shortly after that, Pleasant claims that Blanton demanded the keys and he gave them to him. While Blanton was locking them both inside, Pleasant said that he ran and locked himself in the bathroom and stayed there until he heard Blanton leave.

Pleasant was passed back to the state for questioning.

Gilcrease asked if Pleasant is working at the shop right now.

"No," said Pleasant. "Why not?" asked Gilcrease.

"I'm not working there again until I feel safe," said Pleasant.

According to Gilcrease the trial is expected to run through Wednesday but could end late Tuesday.

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