'She would definitely be OK with going out that way'

Leigha Hughes has been working all day today on the horrible story of a woman who was struck and killed by lightning Tuesday night while on break at IHOP. At 6, Leigha will bring you interviews from a witness to the incident, a co-worker and her sister, who lovingly explains the winning attitude of Meshell Foxworth.

We continue to monitor the situation in Moore. Red Cross officials tell us that people are wanting to go to Oklahoma to help, but they don't have the proper qualifications. At 5, Francesca Washington explains how you can be prepared for the next major emergency.

It was in February 2011, when Jason and Donna Holtzclaw hit rock bottom. We reported on the East Texas News when sheriff's deputies raided their home and arrested them for possession of meth. It was then that they began the road to recover until today, as they are the subject for Maegan Prejean's "Survivors" segment tonight at 10.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor