Lufkin gamers give thoughts on XBOX One

Picture Courtesy of KOMO
Picture Courtesy of KOMO
Picture courtesy of KOMO
Picture courtesy of KOMO

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It was an announcement video gamers from all over were excited to hear.

"The Xbox One reveal, it's going to get crazy here," said Quiency Washington, a sales technician at Lufkin's Best Buy.

"They started talking about their new call of duty game, Call of Duty: Ghost and a lot of people are excited," said Hallie Sepeda, assistant manager of Lufkin's Game Exchange.

But once the new gaming machine was revealed, the criticism started.

"A lot of people were really excited coming up to the announcement, but then after that, I feel that a lot of people felt disappointed and that Microsoft was going in a direction they didn't want to," Sepeda said.

Part of that was because Microsoft would not address the rumopr of having to be connected to the internet all the time and that old games will not work on the new system.

Video games have gone from old cartridges to disc with graphics that make the games look life-like. That is why gamers believe that the Xbox is the next step in the evolution of video games.

"They're pushing for that whole new element," Washington said. "They are pushing for that all in one system so it gives the buyer everything."

"We're not just using a computer to do our work," Sepeda said. "We go on the Internet and play around, watch Netflix and that kind of thing. We're doing the same thing with our game consoles now."

A date has not been set in stone but retailer are hearing it will be there right in time for the holidays.

A wait that gamers hope is worth it.

Microsoft's corporate vice president told a gaming magazine that all of the concerns and rumors of the new system would be addressed at a later date.

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