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Frankston Indians conquer boot camp


This is no ordinary workout.

"It's really intense to have them yelling in your ear the whole time," said Frankston quarterback Ozzie Buckner.  "I've never been in so much pain in my life."

Just what Frankston head coach Matt Nally had in mind.

"What's the greatest team on Earth?" asked Nally.  "The US military. So we thought let's do a boot camp but let's get everyone involved. Let's get the entire military involved."

Too small to play college football, Master Sergeant Miquel Fabbiani had a big enough heart to serve five combat tours in the Middle East.  Now he's using his experiences in the Army, to translate on the football field.

"It's just like the military," said Fabbiani.  "You're only as good as the weakest link. That's what we're doing. We are teaching these guys not only self discipline and intestinal fortitude, but we're teaching them that in a team environment."

"As a quarterback, I think it's going to help me teach me how to lead my team and keep there hopes up when things go bad," said Buckner.

Pushing to the limit. The three day boot camp is anything but fun. The Indians appreciate the lessons learned from their military heroes.

"We take for granted that they fight for our freedom," said Nally.  "We're out here playing football and they are helping us be a better football team. That's a truly great thing and speaks volumes to who they are."

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