Survivors: Huntington couple wins battle with meth addiction

A Huntington couple lost their cars, jobs, and children after a 10 year drug addiction. They are now thankful for the drug free life they are living. Jason and Donna Holtzclaw have survived their back and forth addictions.

In 2010, authorities discovered a meth lab after raiding the home of Jason and Donna Holtzclaw.

"They said that he was selling and he was. You know we were to support our habit," Donna said.

Meth was a drug Jason knew little about but ended up cooking. The two were each charged with possession with intent to manufacture and possession of meth. Their two children were taken away by CPS.

"We got them back but we never stopped using," Donna said. "I believe it was December of 2009 was the first bust and February of 2011 was the second one."

Their addiction came to an end once they realized their drug of choice was ruining their lives.

"We had just one day decided that we weren't going to use anymore. We were tired of it. And we did. We stopped," Donna said.

The Holtzclaws stayed away from meth for four years until Jason had an accident with his double barrel shot gun.

"When I got out of the truck somehow the gun went off and I blew out six and a half inches of my femoral artery and almost blew my leg off," Jason said.

That's when the prescription drug abuse began.

"It just kind of went downhill from there and the prescription pills weren't doing what I wanted them to," Donna said. "I kind of thought that we'd been off it long enough that I could probably control it."

Controlling a drug they had been addicted to for so long was not easy and they began using meth again.

Donna was served with papers threatening to terminate her parental rights. She realized they had hit their rock bottom.

"Whenever we got out of jail we asked to go to treatment. We had both agreed that we were done but we didn't want to fall back into the same thing that happened the first time," Donna said.

After voluntarily going to treatment and learning the tools needed to overcome their addiction, the two decided to go to the Angelina county drug court to strengthen their new life style.

"It's not easy. I would just want you know other addicts to know that you didn't become addicted in one day. You know it's a process just like being sober is a process," Donna said.

The Holtzclaws are now the president and vice president of the alumni drug court group and active in church through the most excellent way program. Courage, commitment and change is what keeps them going.

Donna currently has a full time job and Jason is disabled after his accident, but the two say they would never give up the drug free life they share with their kids.

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