E. Texas couple works to open orphanage in Africa

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - 23-year-old Amanda Poole once owned Grace Boutique in Nacogdoches.

Now she and her husband of six months, Chris, have 12 children after opening an orphanage in Africa.

"If you want to change a country what better way than to start with its children," said Amanda Poole.

The couple partnered with Relationships for Christ Ministries, to start Project Samuel in Zambia.

For five years they've been building the orphanage on 250 acres of land.

So far they have three children's homes and will continue to build as donations come in.

"It's family style orphan care, so there's eight kids per house and a house mom," said Amanda.

With about 800,000 orphans in Zambia alone, the Pooles' hope to one day house 200.

The couple says the children they work with come from extreme poverty and they hope to not only teach them skills but help them develop their talents.

"Here in America we're very fortunate we're blessed with many opportunities to succeed in life we just believe these children deserve the same thing," said Chris Poole.

Their goal is to revitalize a generation and train each child to be a leader for their country.

"We commit them to Christ and we commit them to excellence. The only way a country is going to change and grow and be better is if the children are educated, they have a home, a future and they have goals," said Amanda.

But their work doesn't stop here, the Pooles' hope to make Project Samuel a global ministry.

"We're training Zambians right now how to run that project, that way we can go on to another county and those Zambians can keep the project running," said Chris.

Using their faith to make a change in the world through the lives of children.

The couple says eventually they will add a school to the orphanage.

They hope to eventually start construction on another orphanage in Latin America.

For more information on the ministry visit http://www.rfcministries.org/

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