Restaurant Report - Angelina Co. - 5/23/13

China Garden at 704 S. Timberland Drive: 23 demerits for hot hold not above 135 degrees, end caps needed for lights, vent hood filters needed to be cleaned, raw meat stored with already cooked food, food stored in grocery sacks, shrimp stored in standing water. Back door needed to be self-closing, sanitizer not at right level, food grade containers needed, and scoops needed for handles.

Fruitlandia Grocery/Deli at 1907 N. Raguet: 8 demerits for areas under equipment and fan covers in walk-in cooler needed to be cleaned, meat slicer needed to be cleaned, bare wood needed to be painted, end caps needed for lights, and food stored in grocery sacks.

Popeye's at 1106 S. Timberland: 7 demerits for all employees didn't have their food handlers certificates, and back door didn't seal tightly or self-close.

Casa Morales at 1001 S. First Street: 4 demerits for personal items stored with food, bulk items in walk-in needed to be labeled and dated.

Polk's # 3 Deli at 6925 Hwy 69 N.: 4 demerits for fans needed to be cleaned, fan covers in walk-in needed to be cleaned, and trays stacked.

Brookshire Brothers #52 Bakery/Deli at 104 Main Street, Huntington: 4 demerits for base boards along wall needed to be replaced, broken/missing floor tiles, ice dispenser for fountain drink needed to be cleaned, and cabinets out front needed to be cleaned.

Pizza Hut at 214 S. Timberland: 3 demerits for leak in men's restroom and vent needed to be cleaned.

Subway (Pollok) 6925 Hwy 69 N. 0 demerits.

Milagros Teahouse and Gifts at 135 E. Denman Ave.: 0 demerits.

Pablo's BBQ at 3889 Hwy 69 N.: 0 demerits.

Brookshire Brothers #52 Fresh Meat mMarket at 104 Main Street, Huntington: 0 demerits.

Brookshire Brothers #52 Grocery/Produce at 104 Main Street, Huntington: 0 demerits.

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