Local tattoo shop to donate money to Red Cross for tornado survivors

Adam "Stump" Reynolds
Adam "Stump" Reynolds
Darrel Holst
Darrel Holst

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - For the past week, businesses and individuals all over the nation have been donating money, clothes, food and other materials to help those devastated by the EF5 tornado that ravaged the suburban town of Moore, Oklahoma.

But one local donation is standing out from the crowd. Despite being covered from head to toe with tattoos, Darrel Holst, the owner of Cellar Tattoo in Huntington, and Adam "Stump" Reynolds, a tattoo artist, don't fit their stereotype. In fact, the artists have big hearts.

Reynolds said he was watching the news earlier this week when he was overwhelmed by the devastation. He says as soon as he found out 10 children died in the disaster, he knew he had to do something.

"I really wasn't trying to stand out, just trying to help out," Reynolds said.

Reynolds and Holst came up with the idea to donate $15 dollars from the proceeds they make from every tattoo to the Red Cross for the next 30 days.

"I got kids and I can imagine my kids being in the disaster. When you have kids and you see something like that, it hits you kind of deep and you want to do what you can," Holst said.

Stump says they picked the Red Cross because they like their work.

"Every disaster you see, they're there to help. No questions asked," Reynolds said.

Holst says they only have two donations so far, but only started collecting on Tuesday. He says he feels good about what they're doing.

"What we're doing. I mean, we don't know what we're going to do as far as donations. It's like throwing a stone in a canyon, but still whatever we do, at least we tried," Holst said.

Kelly Martinez, a customer of Cellar Tattoo, says she thinks it's great.

"When you have no electricity, all your food is gone because of no electricity, and they really step up, they help out. I think it's a wonderful thing that Darrel is doing and I wish more people would be able to do that," Martinez said.

Martinez says she will also donate in about two weeks when she gets a new tattoo.

Reynolds said they are excited to help out.

"I hope that it goes to something positive to help the survivors because I know that the Red Cross is good people," Reynolds said.

Holst says you don't have to get a tattoo to donate. They are also planning on using proceeds from t-shirt sales as a donation. You can also drop off a donation without purchasing a shirt or a tattoo.

For more information, visit the Cellar Tattoo's Facebook page.

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