Choosing Community College

Social clubs, parties and roommates are all a part of college life, but some students say affordability, proximity and flexibility are all a part of community college life.

Terri has a 3.68 grade point average. She attended classes at some of the larger universities in East Texas before coming to Angelina College.

"I worked for the state for almost 15 years and decided to take some classes at night, and they were very affordable and they were classes that were available to me; whereas in some of the bigger colleges, they weren't available at night," nursing student Terri Daigle says.

Lydia is a sophomore at AC. She says most of her classmates are good students with bright futures, but people still tend to stereotype students who go to community college.

Sophomore Lydia Bowie says, "People who don't have enough money, people who have too many children or people who decided a long time ago that they wouldn't go to college," are just some of the perceptions about community college students.

While she enjoys having a one-on-one relationship with her teachers, Lydia says AC also offers the advantages of a bigger campus.

"It's not so large as a university where the professors don't have enough time to worry about your grades or how well you do, and it's not so small that everybody knows exactly who you are."

Perfect for a college student who wants the best of both worlds.