Families check on loved ones at cemetery where 100+ graves vandalized

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - A Memorial weekend vandalism spree left more than 100 headstones damaged and many families wondering why someone would do such a thing especially on a weekend like this.

One after another, families dropped by Cedar Grove Cemetery in Trinity to check on their loved ones after a rash of crime left countless headstones and grave sites disturbed.

Fred Skains is on the Cedar Grove Cemetery board of directors and says it's heartbreaking to look at.

"When I saw it yesterday I just had to cry," said Skains. "It was just too much."

Mike Tullos said he heard about the damage and came to check on his family grave.

"My family headstone where my grandfather's buried is flipped over and there's hundreds of more out here that are tore up."

And next to Tullos' grandfather's defaced grave site is an American flag.

"He was a veteran that served in World War II and they flipped it over," said Tullos.

Tullos father, Jerry Tullos, used to own the funeral home in Trinity and installed many of the headstones in the cemetery.

"It just breaks your heart to see someone or some people do this sort of thing, especially on a weekend like this, Memorial Day," said Skains.

There is no section of the cemetery that escaped unscathed and authorities say some of the headstones vandalized were more than 100 years old.

"My great grandparents the Thompsons their grave sites were damaged,"said Lois Blake.

"Somebody had a lot of nerve," said Wrangler Creed. "I couldn't imagine knocking over someone's tombstone. These are people that are here that their families and everything else they have to pick this up, they paid for these things."

Creed came with his grandmother to remove a birthday balloon from her grandson's grave. They say they are thankful his headstone had not been installed yet and feel for those families whose were.

Skains says fortunately many of the headstones are not cracked and can be re-set.

"We'll have to clean them off, put down whatever apoxie or glue or whatever's needed for it to stay and it'll be a long process," said Skains.

Sheriff Woody Wallace says he will send county inmates to the cemetery on Wednesday to help repair the damage

The investigation is on-going and authorities are urging anyone with information about the vandalism to call the Trinity Police Department at 936-594-2505 or the Sheriff's Office at 936-642-1424.


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