A dream come true: Lufkin High School grad makes UT Pom Squad

(Source: Jennifer Dubose)
(Source: Jennifer Dubose)
(Source: Jennifer Dubose)
(Source: Jennifer Dubose)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's one of the hardest collegiate dance teams to make in Texas, and one Lufkin High School graduate is making it look easy.

The 18-year-old was recently picked out of nearly 100 girls for a spot on the University of Texas' Pom Squad.

East Texas News met with the humble teen, and even learned some of her new cheers.

It's a dream come true.

"It's just crazy to me that you know like me, a no one, I feel like is on this huge team that I've always wanted to be on," said 18-year-old Jennifer Dubose.

That dream is about to become very real. On Wednesday, the Lufkin High School graduate will travel to Austin for her first University of Texas Pom Squad practice.

However, it wasn't easy for her to get on the team, which is one of toughest collegiate squads in the state.

"It was super difficult to make, but as I went into tryouts, I knew that I did everything that I could possibly do and after tons of prayers and support from everyone in Lufkin and my family," Dubose. "When I looked on the Internet and saw I had made it, it was just indescribable and it still is."

Dubose said she trained for about a year for the April tryout, and despite having 15 years of dance experience, it was still intimidating.

"It was very intense and very intimidating because you actually tryout with the former Pom Squad girls, and so, I mean I'm 18 years old and a senior in high school, and some of these girls are seniors in college," Dubose said.

Eighty-eight girls tried out for the team, and only eight, including Dubose, made it.

Even though Dubose has traded in her Lufkin purple for burnt orange, she says she'll always have Panther Pride in her heart.

"I'm so excited to be representing Lufkin and representing this high school and my family," Dubose said. "It's just such an honor you know to be able to go to this huge university, do what I love, and represent a town that's always backed me up."

Dubose will have a pom squad practice once a week this summer as the team prepares for football season. She will be studying speech pathology and says she can't wait to get her horns up.

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