SFA professor explores experimental music with 'homemade' instruments

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It looks like a guitar, and sounds like it too but one professor at Stephen F. Austin University is defying modern music with sounds from the past.

He's creating homemade instruments from materials you would usually find in a junk yard, including old cigar boxes, medicine bottles, and leftover wood.

"I'm always making things as an artist so it was only natural to start moving music into it and I think, one thing I noticed with the instruments is that it has an appeal to people that a painting doesn't have or a photograph doesn't have," Ron King, a shop supervisor and painting instructor at SFA, said.

The instructor started making his own instruments a couple of months ago, but this isn't a new hobby for the music man.

"I was pretty interested in homemade music anyway's; homemade country, homemade blues, and homemade rock music. So I started learning how to play the guitar on my own and very quickly just started joining bands immediately with not being able to really play," King said.

King started making his own instruments when he joined a jug band a couple years back and decided he actually enjoyed it.

"This is something that to me appeals to everybody whereas I find some art things to be kind of marginal because people are intimidated by that. This works outside of that field and brings people in that might not consider this art," King said.

Right now, King only has four guitars he has made, but says he wants to start making more to sell.

"You just have to take your own unique approach to it. My approach is just to try and remain faithful, in a sense, to the old style of building," King said.

He adds it's also a way for him to pay tribute to the past.

"it also fulfills something in me that has to do with my homage to the past. I'm very interested In things of the past. Always have been," King said.

King has been asked to curate an experimental music show. The show isn't until 2015, but King says he is already working on recruiting experimental musicians from across East Texas.

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