Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 5/30/13

The Fish Place at 1302 North Street: 18 demerits for vent hoods needed to be cleaned, leaky roof in kitchen, date marking needed, back flow preventer needed, hand towels or dryer needed for all hand wash sinks, thermometers needed for all coolers, back doors not kept closed, and floors not smooth and easily cleanable.

Chicken Express at 1102 Southeast Stallings Drive: 9 demerits for steel door in back needed to be weatherproofed, repaired, or replaced, thermometer needed for cooks, ice scoop not kept in clean area or container, and dumpster lids not kept closed.

Burger King-North at 2921 North Street: 7 demerits for backflow preventer needed for outside hose bib and caps needed for degreaser and bleach bottles.

Butcher Boys Smokehouse and Deli at 603 North Street: 7 demerits for one dented can, buckets and utensils found in hand wash sink.

Popeye's 1519 at North University Drive: 6 demerits needed on spray bottle-improper storage and one spatula needed to be replaced.

Rudy's #22 Deli at 5000 East Main: 4 demerits for freezer needed to be clean and sanitary.

La Carreta at 300 North Street: 3 demerits for dented can, ceiling vents in prep area not kept clean, back flow preventer needed for outside, and paper towels needed for all hand sink.

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