Failed Lufkin laundromat arsonist pleads guilty

Adan Cordero (Source: Lufkin Police Department and Angelina County Jail)
Adan Cordero (Source: Lufkin Police Department and Angelina County Jail)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One of three suspects accused of failing at trying to burn down a Lufkin laundromat and who also threatened to stab a jailer with a pencil is on his way to the state prison system's boot camp after pleading guilty to the crimes Friday morning.

Adan Cordero, 17, pleaded guilty in Judge Gerald Goodwin's court. He officially accepted a 10-year prison sentence, but Goodwin will consider granting him shock probation once he completes boot camp.

Boot camp is modeled after the military's boot camp and is designed to teach convicted felons discipline. Shock probation is a method used when a felon is sent to prison and then "shocked" into good behavior after having served a few months and granted probation for the remainder of the term.

Cordero talked to East Texas News about boot camp as he headed back to the Angelina County jail.

"I think that it will help, and I hope it does," said Cordero.

District Attorney Art Baueriss said that this sentence was fair because it will allow for Cordero to be able to correct his mistake and repay the business that he damged. Baueriss said that he owes an estimated $7,000 in damage.

Cordero had been held on an arson charge in January in the Lufkin Juvenile Detention Facility when he made his escape attempt. Cordero assaulted a detention officer and threatened him by placing a pencil near the man's throat.

However, Cordero's escape was short-lived. He was stopped at the facility's back door and taken back into custody.

Cordero was 16 at the time of when he was arrested for arson, but turned 17 by the time he had tried the escape, allowing him to be transferred to the adult jail.

Cordero was named a suspect in the arson case of R&R Washateria on Jan. 12. Video surveillance showed Cordero and three others trying unsuccessfully to damage and burn the building.

Francisco Cordero, 19, and Luis Alberto Ramirez, 17, and a juvenile were also arrested.

Cordero will also pay about $7,000 in restitution for the damage he did cause at the washateria.

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