Kurth Memorial Library kicks off summer reading program

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Studentshave cleared out of school for summer but library officials are hoping toencourage them to continue reading while on their break.

"A part of the library our goal is to fosterliteracy in the community and that's reading," said Lorraine Simoneau, LibraryDirector.

Saturday theKurth Memorial Library hosted their summer reading kick-off and officials saysduring summer the library is the place to be.

"They can read any book that they want thereare certain activities during the week but it's not something they have toattend we have a program pretty much every day of the week," said Simoneau.

Throughoutthe summer the library will host activities such as craft days, chemistry showsand even board game tournaments

LibraryDirector Lorriane Simoneau says the goal is to keep kids around books during theirsummer vacation.

"They can win prizes, the whole point of our summerreading program is to get the kids in here reading during the summer," saidSimoneau.

"Kids lose some of their knowledge during thesummer if they don't read and it encourages reading," said Cindy McMullen, GenealogyDepartment.

Kids fromages one to 17 can participate in the program and library officials say by theend of the summer students will be better prepared when they return to theirclassrooms.

"Reading it helps you in every subject, sowhen you win a prize that's encouragement and gives you an incentive to read,"said McMullen.

And officials hope the habit of reading year round willspark a lifelong love of learning.

The programstarted Saturday and will continue until August 5th.

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