Angelina Co. is prepared for hurricane season

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Hurricane season has begun and emergency officials are making sure everyone is ready incase such a disaster occurs in Angelina County. The peak for hurricane season takes place in August through the end of September, so now is a great time to prepare.

A category four hurricane was the last to make its way through East Texas in 2008. For the past few years, Angelina County has been fortunate that hurricanes have made landfall elsewhere.

"Whenever a hurricane is detected in the Gulf the state emergency operation center monitors it and sees where it's going to go in order to track where they predict it's going to go," said Angelina County Emergency Management Coordinator Don Morris.

Weather agencies are predicting a very active hurricane season this year. While no storms are currently forming and moving through the gulf coast, emergency officials say this is the best time to prepare.

"The public needs to remember that preparedness is the most important thing. Now is the time to go to your grocery store, go to your hardware store. We have an emergency preparedness guide that we leave at Brookshire Brothers," said Angelina County Health District Administrator Sharon Shaw. "It includes what food, what water, what medications, what you need for your pets, what you need for children."

Emergency officials strongly encourage emergency preparedness for all families. The average person needs at least one quart of water to drink per day. Food supplies should include enough nonperishable foods for up to three days.

Hurricane Ike was the last to make landfall in East Texas, but it wasn't the last one to affect Angelina County.

"We're the hub for evacuees here in Angelina County and the city of Lufkin," Morris said. "We had evacuees that came out of Beaumont and Houston. The city of Lufkin and Red Cross handled about 9,000 evacuees."

The red cross partners with hospitals, the county, the city and health clinics to prepare the public and help with necessities.

While there's no prediction on where storms will make landfall this year, there's no better time to prepare for hurricane season that begins in June through the end of November.

Always remember to prepare, plan, and stay informed.

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