Prayer Chapel in Clawson giving people hope

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When the small prayer chapel was first thought of, many people with Grace Baptist Church were split on the matter.

"I had people tell me that's the dumbest idea they ever heard of, and I kind of wondered if they may be right?" said Pastor Elton Musik.

Three years later, those opinions are all gone.

"They don't say much now," said Musik. It pretty much quieted all of that."

Those who doubted the chapel's use are not alone in their loss for words.

"It's been amazing to me the number of people who have come through and written prayer request and even the ones that have come through and haven't written a prayer request," said Musik.

When you enter the prayer chapel, it seems very simplistic. There's no great artwork hanging on the wall, the carpet is very simple and there is nothing elaborate about the benches you sit on. Musik says it is designed that way for a reason.

"It's a place you can come and be still and be quiet. You know the presence of the lord is here," said Musik.

The prayer and praise reports can be seen in a little book. Some of them are signed and some are not signed, but there is a story to each of them.

"A lady's husband had just lost his job. They came in here and prayed and whenever he got home, her husband had a better job than the one he lost," said Musik.

Its stories like that and the knowing that people as far away as Georgia are connected to the chapel that has satisfied Musik.

"It's made an impact, and I think it has made a positive impact," said Musik.

Because of that success, the chapel will not be going anywhere soon.

"This is the church property and as long as the building is here, it will be here," said Musik.

The chapel is always open and located in Clawson off of Highway 69 and FM 2021.

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