Crockett and Lufkin firefighters heading to Houston to honor fallen firefighters

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Thousands are expected to fill Reliant Stadium in Houston on Wednesday for a public memorial service to honor the four Houston fire fighters killed last Friday in a hotel fire.

Joining the public at the memorial will be firefighters from all over the state including fire fighters from Crockett and Lufkin.

They say they are going to show support because they know this could have easily been them needing support.

"It hits home pretty strong. It makes us re-examine ourselves and our operations to make sure that this doesn't happen to us," said Crockett Fire Chief, John Angerstein.

Ozzie Jarman, the assistant fire marshall for the Lufkin Fire Department, says it's a honor to attend the service.

"It's a honor to honor these guys that have gone and given the ultimate sacrifice. It could happen to anyone of us. At any time," Jarman said.

The service will start at 10 A.M. The incident claimed the largest number of fire fighters at one time in the city of Houston. Authorities are still searching for the cause of the fire. The Houston 100 Club is also accepting donations to help out the victims' families.

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