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Nashville businesses could 'boot' illegally parked cars


A busy music weekend and brand-new convention center are putting the crunch on downtown Nashville parking, but drivers may soon have to be extra careful where they leave their cars.

Businesses could soon be allowed to give you "the boot" if you park illegally anywhere in Nashville, and backers of the plan say it's still better than the alternative.

"It gets complicated around here on the parking sometimes, especially tourists. I just saw a tourist getting towed the other day," said William Henson, who works downtown.

For now, business owners can only place an immobilizing boot on a car after its third parking offense, but soon those owners could take action a lot faster.

"In a lot of cases, these owners or the companies that are contracted to operate the lots don't have the technology to know how many offenses the person has had on their lot," said Metro Councilman Sean McGuire.

McGuire's proposal would raise the booting fee from $50 to $75, but it would also give business owners the power to boot a car on the first offense.

"If you are parking there illegally, you are parking there illegally. And this is just another option for those owners," McGuire said.

While booting is annoying, the councilman says it actually could be a better and more cost-effective option when the alternative is to have the car towed.

But some say that in a town with so many tourists, it might be best to give people a little leeway.

"I really think they should give them the benefit of the doubt and not boot them on the first time around," Henson said.

The booting proposal was introduced to the Metro Council on Wednesday, so it still has a ways to go until it becomes a reality.

McGuire said he is unsure whether his colleagues will be comfortable with raising the booting fee and is willing to drop that aspect in order to get the rest of the ordinance passed.

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