Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 6/6/13

Pinevalley Raceway at 3427 FM 2497: 16 demerits for children in concession stand, jewelry not allowed in kitchen, Hand sinks weren't being used for just hand washing, household pesticides, working sewer system needed, inside of the ice machine needed to be cleaned, fountain drink nozzles needed to be cleaned, and ice scoop stored improperly.

Polk's No. 8 Deli at 606 N. Temple, Diboll: 13 demerits for vent above pizza oven needed to be cleaned, toxics stored with food, leak at 3-compartment sink, and ice scoops with handles needed.

Brookshire Brothers No. 5 Grocery/Produce located at 816 N. Timberland, Diboll: 12 demerits for cold hold not below 45 degrees, expired food products, and leak at 3-compartment sink needed to be fixed.

Subway (Polks No. 21) 701 S. Temple, Diboll: 10 demerits for cold hold not 45 degrees and hot hold not at right temperature.

Brookshire Brothers No. 5 Meat Market at 816 N. Timberland, Diboll: 4 demerits areas under shelves in walk-in cooler needed to be cleaned and expired products.

Brookshire Brothers No. 5 Bakery/Deli at 816 N. Timberland, Diboll: Ice dispenser for fountain drink machine needed to be cleaned and floor under fryer and between ovens needed to be cleaned.

Audubon Behavorial Healthcare at 302 Gobbler's Knob: 0 demerits.

Polk's No. 21 at 701 Temple, Diboll: 0 demerits.

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