Angelina Co. appraisal review board hoping to help protesters

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - For the past, month Angelina County property owners have been submitting their notice of protest on their property evaluations. The appraisal review board met Thursday to give concerned property owners a chance to voice their concerns.

Not one single Angelina County tax payer showed up for their 1:30 p.m. or 9:30 a.m. scheduled meeting Thursday.

"We were hoping that by the time they leave they get any understanding of the process and that it's really to help them understand why their evaluations went up," said appraisal review board member vice chairman George Walker.

Twenty plus people who were scheduled for Thursday's forum didn't get the help the board is offering. For the past month, property, home and business owners have been filing protests on their property evaluations.

"Sometimes the evaluation stays the same and sometimes it goes up a little bit. If they don't understand why it went up or if they feel like they have evidence to show that it should stay the same, then they need to fill out the protest form," Walker said.

There are a few different reasons they protest.

"The tax is based on evaluation, so a higher evaluation means they'll be paying more taxes," Walker said. "The second part we have no control over, which is the tax rate."

Notices are sent each year with an evaluation for next year's taxes. Appraisals are based on different categories such as how property is selling in the area.

"We have the power to not only say we agree with you but it should even be less than what you think it should be," Walker said. "We can either as a committee raise the evaluation or lower the evaluations."

Board members are hopeful other concerned tax payers will take advantage of the help and resources they're offering this month.

The board meets Tuesdays and Thursday at the Angelina County appraisal district office to help with scheduled tax payer's protests. Those concerned can also meet with a county appraiser. You can also visit or call 936-634-8456 for more information.

Appraisers said anyone filing a protest has until 30 days after the postmark date on the original notice. The absolute last day anyone can file is June 18.

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