Help save a life! Center PD will host a bone marrow drive Saturday

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - Now that a donor has been located for 6-year-old Aidan Peterson, his mother is urging people register at a bone marrow donor drive being held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Center Police Department.

A similar bone marrow drive was held for Aidan at the North Street Church of Christ in Nacogdoches on May 8. Aidan, who lives in the Dallas area, is battling a rare, aggressive form of leukemia. Aidan's grandparents live in Nacogdoches.

"Most parents dream of what their child will be when they grow up," Candice Gaudet, Aidan's mother, said in a press release for the event. "My dream is that my son, Aidan, will simply grow up. Signing up as a bone marrow donor is offering someone the gift of survival. I think that is one of the biggest gifts there is."

According to the press release, Aidan has been fighting various forms of blood cancer since he was a baby. During the last three months, more than 2,000 Texans have registered to save Aidan or other patients.

'There are many other Aidans searching for donors. We can't stop now!" the press release stated. "You could be that person for another son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, mother, father, or friend."

According to a previous East Texas News story, Aidan needs to be in full remission to benefit from the bone marrow match. At last report, he was terribly ill in a Dallas hospital. Family members a new clinical trial will work well enough that Aidan's doctor will allow him to be a match.

"My son is so precious and so full of life," Gaudet said. "Please help save countless others like him who are in need."

Delete Blood Cancer DKMS is the world's largest bone marrow donor. To donate, people must be between 18 and 55 years old and in general good health. A potential donor needs to be at least 110 pounds and have a maximum body mass index of 40. If a person meets those requirements, he or she can register and a volunteer will swab the inside of his or her cheek for a tissue sample.

The Center Police Department is located at 1020 Shelbyville Street.

For more information on bone marrow donation call Delete Blood Cancer DKMS at (212) 209-6710, or visit their Website.

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