Huntington church sharing faith through random acts of kindness

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - One East Texas church is using randomacts of kindness to reach out to community and spread a message of faith.

The Brothers Keeper Church in Huntingtonstarted random acts of kindness in January and has used their ministry of gooddeeds to reach thousands.

"It makes a difference, everysingle day make a difference in somebody's life," said Dave Sarver,Pastor, Brothers Keeper Church.

From opening the door for friend toholding a stranger's umbrella in the rain the opportunity for random acts ofkindness are endless.

"As tough as society is on us it'sso nice to just get someone to smile," said Scott Wilcox, Member, BrothersKeeper Church.

BKC challenged each of their membersto do one act of kindness a week for a year.

Pastor Dave Sarver says the church hasembraced the challenged and mundane tasks like mowing the lawn or changingsomeone's oil have become a way to show the love of God.

"Contractors in our church thathave shown up and done contract work for people and didn't charge them anything, one thing people enjoy doing  is goingthrough the drive thru and paying for people behind them in line," saidSarver.

The church is using technology toshare their acts of kindness posting ideas and sharing updates on the BKCfacebook page.

Since starting the ministry in Januarythe church has given out about 4,000 cards explaining the random acts of kindnessand sharing their faith.

"It encourages them on the backto pass that card on to somebody else and do a random act of kindness for someoneelse," said Sarver.

13 year old Anastasia Wilcox says thechallenge gave her the opportunity to encourage her classmates

"I like to lift people up and itfun to see them smile," said Wilcox.

Sarver says a little kindness goes along way and hopes what started as challenge will transform into a habit foreveryone touched by a good deed.

"When you do it, there issomething in you that is just fulfilled like you're doing what God wants you todo," Said Sarver.

BKC officials say the use the randomact of kindness facebook page to connect with those touched by their ministry.

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