Nacogdoches contractor hopes to breath new life into old Kennedy's building

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches contractors are continuing to invest in Nacogdoches downtown properties. Loft apartments are all the craze.

In February we showed you the Nacogdoches Main Theatre Lofts. Today East Texas News has a sneak the latest second floor renovation, "Nac Town Lofts."

The wonder about what will happen to the former "Kennedy's" building on the corner of Main and North Pecan is settled. Contractor Kim Crisp now owns it with a goal in mind.

"We're trying to keep the building as original as possible," Crisp said. "More like it was in 1907."

This means fixing what's already there.

"This building really had not been remodeled, extensive remodeling for over one hundred years. It was just like it was in 1907," Crisp said.

That's the curb appeal for future tenants of the one- and two-bedroom apartments, and you can't ignore what's out the window.

"The view is really nice up here," Crisp said. "It's really nice at night. Some of the interior walls are original. This is all original here and used to be the office and we've made it into the kitchen now."

The new loft apartments will be equipped with period cabinets with a special Nacogdoches flare.

All the plumbing and wiring have been replaced, but this electrician held on some items that will add to the apartments' ambiance.

"Push button switches which is what they had back in 1907," Crisp said.

Period tile is used in the small spaces where new had to be installed. Discoveries behind old sheetrock are left alone.

"This is one of the favorite rooms in the building. Now everyone likes it," Crisp said. "We sealed the brick."

Crisp is also sealing some leases. The two-bedroom apartment has been grabbed up. A couple of one bedrooms are still available, but probably not for long. Main Street Manager Sarah O'Brien, a downtown loft resident herself, is loving every minute of it.

"Right now at this moment we've got about 6 units under construction, residential, six apartment units that just got finished," O'Brien said. "We've got two restaurants coming in to downtown under construction. We have finally started to make some real big progress downtown."

"This is called 'living above it all" Crisp said.

The Nac Towne Lofts will rent from $1,100 to $1,200 a month and should be finished in a couple of months. There are possible tenants for the downstairs area that will be used as professional office space.

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