Lufkin man shot to death

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Police are investigating the apparent shooting death of a 60-year-old man on Weaver Avenue Wednesday night.

According to the report, officers responded to a report of gunshots in the 700 block of Weaver Avenue at 11:24 p.m. The officers found a man, later identified as Albert Hodge, on the floor of the house. Hodge had multiple injuries, possibly caused by gunshots, according to the report and was taken to a Lufkin hospital.

A witness reported to officers that two young black men shot Hodge and ran from the scene.

Hodge died at the hospital. An autopsy will be performed to determine a cause of death.

According to a previous KTRE report, Hodge's on-again, off-again girlfriend allegedly stabbed him with a kitchen knife in September 2011.

The Lufkin Police were contacted and responded to the scene and spoke to hospital staff. The detective on site discovered that Hodge was stabbed with a large kitchen knife and the penetration was very close to his heart, according to the report.

Hodge told the detective that Lee had visited his house on Weaver Street, and when he told her to leave, she grew irate, according to the report.

Lee then grabbed the knife and stabbed Hodge, he said. Hodge made it to a neighbor who took him to the hospital.

Lee pleaded guilty to the crime in April and is serving a 10-year prison sentence.

As police looked for answers, friends and neighbors would make the yard a memorial to the man known by many as Joel.

"Joel helps a lot of people," Derris Scott said. "The things people were talking about doing, Joel was doing. Joel would sit here and try to help everybody. It's just not right, and there won't be any rest on the North side till the rat is out of here."

His son, Demoya, rushed from his home in Houston as soon as he heard about his father.

"No one expected my dad to go in this manner," Demoya Hodge said. "That's the hard part about it. We saw him, if he was to pass, passing peacefully."

Now the family is struggling to understand what happened and why.

"Sad, torn down, disgusted," Hodge said. "A cruel way for my father to go. Very cruel and unthoughtful."

Scott hopes the North Lufkin community will help police, offering any information that could solve this case.

"The robbing and killing has got to stop," Scott said. "Anyone that knows anything, just cooperate with police because it will be better if they deal with it than us deal with it with street justice. We're not going to tolerate it."

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