Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 6/13/13

Expo Center Concession stand at 3805 Northwest Stallings: 16 demerits for one dented can, hand wash sink had items left in it, door needed to be weatherproofed to prevent bugs and rodents, spray bottles were improperly labeled, and thermometers needed for all freezers, coolers, and cooks.

Peking at 3103 North Street: 14 demerits for two dented cans, backflow preventer needed for hose, dumpster lids not closed, and walls, floors, and other surfaces not kept clean/sanitary.

Texas Sports Bar and Grill (kitchen area) at 3400 South Street: - 11 demerits for two dented cans, use-by dates needed, ceiling vents in food prep area not kept clean, and kitchen equipment needed to be wiped down, clean, and sanitary.

Nijaya at 4919 North Street, Suites 104 and 105: 9 demerits for condiments in hand wash sink, paper towels not provided at all hand wash sinks, toaster needed to be cleaned and sanitized, and ice scoops not kept in clean containers.

Chicken Express at 1614 North University Drive: 7 demerits for incorrect date marking dates, ice scoop not kept in clean container, and exit door needed to be weatherproofed.

Panda Café at 1229 North Street: 7 demerits for buckets of food stored on floor and no test strips.

Mazzio's at 1133 North University Drive: 7 demerits for one dented can, ceiling vents in food prep area not kept clean, and food protection management certificate needed to be up to date.

Civic Center Kitchen at 3805 Northwest Stallings Drive: 6 demerits for all entries and exits needed to be weatherproofed and microwave not clean and sanitary.

Clear Springs at 211 Old Tyler Road: 4 demerits for lettuce on cooler floor and one dented can.

Domino's Pizza at 2403 North Street: 4 demerits for one expired food product, dumpster lid not kept closed, and AC vent needed to be cleaned.

Polk Pick It Up No. 32 Deli and Grill at 540 Northeast Stallings Drive: 4 demerits for sausage needed use-by date, back door needed to be weatherproofed, missing or damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced or repaired, and ceiling vents not kept clean.

McDonalds at 3120 North University Drive: 3 demerits for thermometer not provided for cooler and blocked emergency exit.

Main Dog-Blueberry Festival at 412 East Main: 0 demerits.

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Cafeteria at 1204 North Mound: 0 demerits.