Longtime Nacogdoches HS band director moves on to new position in NISD

Longtime Nacogdoches High School band director Glynn Wells is taking a new position within the school district. This fall he'll become the newly appointed fine arts director.

Wells will still be seen around the band halls, but it definitely won't be the same for the students or himself. Wells' conductor's baton will be put away.

"I just closed out my 13th year at the high school and my 23rd at NISD," Wells said.

Wells has decided.

The new job as the district's fine arts director means no more band concerts and no more early Saturday morning parades, no matter how famous.

"You don't know anything til you walk weeks and weeks practicing 71/2 miles," Wells said, referring to the Rose Bowl Parade.

Wells will also be done with the UIL competitions and others that are too numerous to counted.

"Contests? I couldn't tell you," Wells said with a laugh. "I just couldn't tell you."

All the first place trophies lining the high school band hall provide a clue.

"We've dusted them twice in the 13 years here," Wells said. "And that was in the last two years.

Wells is passing on the mundane chore to his replacement as soon as one is found.

"I'm the director of fine arts, which means I'll cover anything that has to do with fine arts, dance, choir, theatre arts, art, band," Wells said. "All those kinds of things. Pre-K thru 12."

The master's degree holder with principal certification is now trying to wrap his mind around all the new duties from evaluation to program development.

"It's going to be a real issue with me just because this will be the first time since I was a 7th grade kid growing up that I haven't had something to do with just band," Well said.

However, for Wells, the change is worth it because he knows that he will remain in Nacogdoches ISD, fighting for the future of fine arts.

"Our fine arts programs are a lot of reasons why kids stay in school," Wells said. "That's why they're going to keep their grades up because they don't want to let that other teammate down."

Such spirit is what led to the Golden Dragon Band's reputation of being "that band that will get it done."

There's a lot of kids already missing their firm, but caring band director.

"It's gonna be real difference not starting August 1st and giving a down beat and saying, 'OK, here we go,'" Wells said.

Wells is taking an active role in hiring his replacement. This summer he'll be trained for UIL academic evaluation. He plans to spend the first six months in his new position evaluating district programs. Then in 2014, he will start proposing new ideas.

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