Shoppers expected to spend less on Father’s Day than they did on Mother’s Day

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - What to buy Dad? That's the question on many minds right now as families look forward to celebrating their fathers this weekend.

"We've been flooded this whole week with people coming in here asking for ideas and coming in with lists," said Quincy Washington, Best Buy Employee

Despite the demand for electronic goods, hunting equipment and neck ties, Forbes magazine says shoppers plan to spend 40 percent less on Father's Day than they did on Mother's Day.

The study shows on average shoppers spent $160 on their mom's this past May and are expected to spend about $120 on dad.

Best Buy employee Quincy Washington says laptops, TVs and game consoles are always popular finds but believes mom gets more simply because there are more options.

"Day spas, nails and hair coupons, there is just a broader spectrum," said Washington

Mama Tried owner Wanda Wesch says some dads are particular about their favorite gadgets which could be a reason for the gap in spending.

"Normally he'll pick up his own fishing lures and hunting equipment he already has in mind what he wants," said Wesch.

Father of four Billy Trevathan says a cruise was one of the most memorable Father's Day gifts he's received but this year words from his daughter were more than enough.

"She gave me a card and what she wrote on the card and what the card said actually made me cry," said Trevathan.

Despite the difference in spending this dad says the best gifts come from the heart.

"It's not the gift that is important to me, it's the love that comes from within," said Trevathan.

And showing your love for Dad is really what this day is all about.

Not counting greeting cards, the Nation Retail Federation says clothes are the top gift for dad so many fathers can expect a new tie to add to their collection.

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