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Smith County judge: 'What does every kid want? They want their family'


Fourteen children were adopted Friday morning in Smith County.

"Our kids are just kids, and what does every kid want? They want their family," said Judge Carole Clark.

It's something Louis and Burnette Williams Junior have given all of these children; loving people to call family and a safe place to call home. 

With a house full of six children, Lois describes her home as "happy, cheerful."

Three of these children were adopted years ago and they are excited to add two brothers and a sister to their growing family.

"They've mostly been part of our family because we've had them longer, but we finally got to keep them in our family; they can't go anywhere else, they are part of our family," explained 15-year-old Chase Williams.

The Williams family waited anxiously to go before the judge and they were all smiles when Judge Clark made everything official.

"We were getting adopted," explained 9-year-old Montrail Williams with a smile.

The Williams said it has been a long journey, but with this end goal in mind, they persevered.

"It's worth every bit of it, every moment. All the cries, the restless nights, it's worth it, yes," Lois said.

"Some of our children have just waited way too long now the real family that's their real family is here. It's just a miracle and I'm just so excited. The two days a year I do this are the happiest days of my whole year," said Judge Clark.

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