Houston Co. Kalin's Center to move by August

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Child abuse victims for Houston and Trinity County will soon be getting a brand new facility.

For the past several years the Kalin Center has been running out of two tiny rooms in a building near the police station.

A $106,000 grant from the Temple Foundation will help the center expand.

The group will be moving to a new facility at the corner of Houston and Grace street.

The biggest improvement with this move is the added privacy it will add.

"Right now, we're right on the square. The families had no privacy, the children had no privacy. We are going to be able to decorate it to be child friendly, peaceful calming, to come in and feel home feeling," said Executive Director, Debbie McCall.

The center is completing all the work through volunteers, so they encourage any group or individual that would like to help to contact them.

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